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Keep cool, stay tough... but that's never enough
Keep cool, stay tough... but that's never enough

Remember self projection is truly key when it comes to people who hate others simply because they're miserable.

Cassie. 22. I love Degrassi as you can tell. I do like making edits or gifs every now and then. I love roleplaying, writing, and drawing as well.

I love Owen, Jake, Clare, Katie, Eli, Zig, Cam, Drew, and much more!

I ship almost anything. :)

On the left are those whom I dearly love, in no order! I truly appreciate the things you do for me, remember I'll always be there for you when you need it. ♥

"I thought the short film was the lifespan of their entire relationship. Eli running when Clare was fading represented her breaking up with him, and he felt lost and worried. Then they connected again with that long and passionate hug. Now it’s him leaving her, with their hands locked together to try and be together forever. He’s leaving, and she’s staying." – Anonymous

wow all the clew fans are out now, last time I remembered, majority of the fandom didn’t ship clew? 

oh well, I’m hopeful for clew to happen, but I would want it to happen at the very end

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I don’t see why Eli is back, but I guess it has to do something with Clare. I’m just surprised out of everyone who they’re bringing back he gets the picture. 

Like I don’t care for the character but sheesh, don’t give him special treatment, especially if Alicia is coming back as well because of Drianca. 

I don’t think him taking a picture was necessary and I think they need to focus on new characters instead of older ones but hey, it’s all about money and views. 

I’m just glad that KC isn’t back. I just dislike the character all around. Even though his character did have potential, just as many other characters who weren’t developed enough - I just never was attached to him. 

I’m not even looking forward to this season, that shows you how much I care about the show now. I’m more into Awkward, Teen Wolf, etc. Ignore my useless rant. 

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